Cannabis laws in Canada

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Cannabis is now legal in Canada. Whether it is recreational or medical, we must comply with the laws of Canada or of another country.

The easiest thing to understand is that if you cross the border of the country you are not legal to bring in or out. So if you travel between Canadian provinces you are ok. Of course you must still have a maximum of 30 grams. Age can also be different from one province to another.

For more information visit the Canadian Government website here …

Can cannabis be used in Parks Canada sites?

Provincial, territorial and municipal cannabis laws apply to national parks, historic sites and marine conservation areas, and Rouge National Urban Park. Parks Canada locations and some municipalities may have additional regulations and restrictions.


In Parks Canada campgrounds, the consumption of non-medical cannabis is limited to the campsite occupied by a visitor.

Consumption is not permitted in common areas of campgrounds (such as playgrounds, kitchens, washrooms, trails or roads).

Finally on your land is the safest place.

Information on the Parks Canada site

Parcs canada

I have seen cannabis recalls over the last year. Here are the rules of the government.

Compliance and Enforcement Quarterly Report – Summary of Inspection Data – Medical Cannabis Access Regulations

News section and reminders coming…

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