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I decided to have a health section after seeing an article in the Journal de Montreal about a gentleman who has an intestinal bacterial overgrowth better known with its acronym SIBO.

Personally I am in this situation. I passed my test in November 2018. The time to find a naturopath and budget. I am in mid-July 2019 and I begin treatment with a wonderful naturopath recommended! It should take 3 months to fix my problem!

I’ll keep you informed ! 

After all, our gut is our second brain, we have to deal with it! I will put health information and different options with real info!

I am not a doctor, the information in this section and on the site in general are general information. You must refer to a health professional.

Intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)

I started the Wahls Protocol in July 2017 and from August 2018 my belly decided to rebel …

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