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When I had the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis I freaked! I lost control and if you know me, I am a bit of control freak …

It took me a few days to cry and panic but I knew what I was fighting for, that was a benefit. I could put words on the evils!

I began to search the net to find out first what it was and then to see the options available to me to counter the damages …

So I started by changing my diet by following Dr. Wahls protocol. So basically, I’m not a “diet” I follow an alimentation that helps me to regain my energy and repair the broken pots in my body for the rest of my life.


For the drugs I’m not ready yet, I have not found drugs that would help my symptoms without 10,000 side effects … So I chose cannabis, it helped me before my diagnosis when I had menstrual pains (which actually were contractions …).

I take supplements suggested by my nutritionist to first adjust my bowel which is an essential element of improvement.

The body is made to move, so I started doing exercises and I particularly like swimming that makes me feel so good. I will join the gym soon also because the pool is not 12 months a year at home …

My health toolbox

Finally to relax my brain and my body, I do meditation. Usually in the morning to refocus on my goals and also every night before sleeping.

Here is my life since July 2017, ups and downs but hey it’s the life of everyone! My toolbox may be modified but it will be me who will have chosen the path.

What is in your toolbox?

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