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I had a license to cultivate my medical cannabis at home. Ok at first we find it funny to be legal with pot plants at home. Unfortunately private insurance reimburses drugs at prices often exorbitant but do not pay medical cannabis … But hey it’s the beginning and I’m still lucky to be able to put the expense on his taxes in drug costs. That’s why I decided to experiment with growing my medicine!

In the meantime I am having fun! The “girls” are starting to be beautiful and I can not wait to move on to the next stage but I have to wait for nature to finish its work 😉

I’m not cheap but I like to have more for my money so I decided not to lose any part of my plants. Plants should be purified around the flowers to prevent moisture and promote sun exposure. With that, I decided to keep my leaves and do something with them.

I wanted to make tea but first of all I have to decarboxylate my leaves. This is essential for activating cannabinoids to their active form. If we do not smoke THC or CBD will not be active.

THC is fat soluble which means that it must be consumed with a fat-based substance such as coconut, TCM or olive. So I will try to make smoothies with coconut milk (fat) and TCM oil to apply to my skin or put in sublingual. I am experimenting and I am a novice!

It’s in the oven right now …

Do you do it yourself? What are your favorite recipes? Comment because it’s fun to share information that can help others … I’ll give you more soon!

* Only females give flowers, so that’s why I call them girls 😉

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