My visit to the Expo Cannabis Montreal

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On October 3rd and 4th, I went to Expo Cannabis Montreal.

But do not have the image of a gang of “stonners” who smoke big joints! There was a lot of suits!

I know that cannabis is an industry that will grow and grow and that we are just at the beginning. I admit that like a lot of people I had taken cannabis in my life and it made me feel good when I had cramps every month …

When I had the diagnosis of MS I searched the drug options that are “offered” to patients … I admit that I was looking for one that had more positive effects than secondary and I found one: cannabis! The worst we can have is to fall asleep and wake up the next day with no block!

So with my pink glasses I went to Expo Cannabis … In fact this show was more for people who saw cannabis as a business. I have nothing against that but again I’m afraid that some patients will be left behind …

I saw big companies who want to have their share of this cake that is more than a munchies. I admit that I was going to women because I could talk more. Many nurses who work in different companies asked me how it helped me with my symptoms.

I met the lawyer Maxime Guérin with whom I spoke about the ban on growing plants at home in Quebec. He answered some of my questions and told me to call him to discuss them.

My fear is that the recreational is a push on the companies like the food in the groceries …  That one pushes the production without thinking of the human who consumes it … But I also met people who were super nice and who wanted to talk to me even if I’m just a “little blogger” 😉 So I will add the information in my Cannabis & Cie section to help people make informed and less expensive choices.


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