Website goals

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website goals

I was wondering how I could organize this site to help and also to help myself … I always said that I liked doing websites because I’m so lazy … I like to find something quickly and try that it is done most easily!

My brain rolls less at 100 per hour and that’s because I want it now even more! I have more difficult days (like the month of October of m … who magane me …) and others who are ok. So I want that in this site I do not need to run as I do with but I want to continue to chat with you because it’s me.

So I’m going to have other sections because I’m a bit picky about my info and sometimes I have the brain that wants to take a break, I want a site that works for me, so that’s why I put price links that are “live” so can analyze the price differences.

Today is October 25th and it’s an ugly day for me. It’s gray and flat and I have no motivation … I’m working on it. Well I will not make a blog on my moods do not worry!

In my “to do” then:

  • Create a list of pages or groups in social media that can be interesting according to my and your tastes.
  • Continue my product price list.
  • Add recipes, I have lots of links everywhere on my computer.
  • Create an exchange section … Surprises to come …

Well that’s it so I’m cold and I’m going to have a good bath with salt Epsom to relax everything!

I will work this weekend to add things here! We do not let go!

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