My healthy garden Spring 2020

Merci de partager

It’s time to stay at home because of the COVID-19 so I’m really glad I started planting my seeds for this summer.

I am also waiting for a tent that a friend will give me. I can’t wait for that too!

I had my prescription for this year and I am happy because I will be able to make my oil and have medication all the time. And making oil takes more flowers than just smoking.

It’s great because the government site has a calculator. So I asked for 5 grams per day which allows me to have 10 plants outside I will never be in pain again!

I admit that I did not understand too much, the clinic gave me different options … I admit that I did not understand why these costs but I will surely know it.

1-5g – no fee. 6-30g – $ 300 + tx 40g – $ 500 + tx 50g – $ 600 + tx 60g – $ 700 + tx 70g – $ 800 + tx 80g – $ 900 + tx 90g – $ 1000 + tx

So I asked for 5 grams … Because I don’t have the budget for an extra … And because I won’t need more.

So I’m happy to have something Finally I give myself chances!

Here are the photos of my girls spring 2020 💜

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