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I rapidly got a prescription from a doctor in Ontario at the Lyte Clinic in less than a week over the phone.

The fees for Quebec patients are $ 100.00 + 13% taxes. If you have private insurance this can be reimbursed.

For the rest of Canada it’s free because the governments of other provinces reimburse …

When you get a prescription you can also ask to have a telephone appointment with a coach.

She will be able to help you and discuss your options with you. You can apply on their website.

If you don’t speak English there is service in French. You can then order from one of Canada’s licensed producers. If you wish you can request a document to obtain a license to produce cannabis for your own medical purposes.

You must complete the document yourself. But it is included in the price of the consultation.

Oddly enough, the prices for obtaining a permit are different depending on the quantity of your prescription. What does not come from the government is the clinic which charges them …

So I asked for a maximum of 5 grams per day …

1-5g – Gratuit
6-30g – $300 + Tx
40g – $500 + tx
50g – $600 + tx
60g – $700 + tx
70g – $800 + tx
80g – $900 + tx
90g – $1000 + tx

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