Eat duck’s eggs ? Yes !

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I haven’t been eating chicken eggs for a very long time. I did not tolerate them, it gave me intense stomach aches…

It’s not always easy to have a quick lunch with good protein. Salad or stir fry are fun but sometimes I like being able to do something quick.

At first I tried organic eggs thinking that maybe that could be an option because the hens don’t have the same diet … And it didn’t work.

So I saw the information on the Facebook wall of a friend who said she loved eating duck eggs! This person was in another country, I told myself that in my small suburban town I would not find that … And I was wrong !!!!

I found duck eggs from Les Cancaneuses at the Biotope SantĂ© store near me.  The price was CAN $ 5.50 for 6. I jumped because I know that you can get regular chicken eggs at $ 1.99 for a dozen. But I saw 6 organic chicken eggs at 4.50 $ CAN. But the amount of a duck egg is almost double a chicken egg. So I just eat one because for duck eggs two is too much. Dozens of organic eggs are on average CAN $ 7.49 per dozen … So yes, we have an advantage !

If you want to know the difference, it is well explained on the site Les Cancaneuses “The eggs of ducks in all their seams”. But it is only in French.

So if a recipe calls for two eggs, I put a duck egg.

I promise you my recipes section is coming! I have lots of interesting and fun recipe links!

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