My new cannabis grinder from Starfrit!

Merci de partager

Since I regularly use cannabis and my right hand is weaker I have been looking for an effective grinder.

I had a little one that I paid dearly for, but which, when it was dirty, literally stuck and I had all the trouble removing it …  I stopped a lot doing couponing but I haven’t lost my savings eye! So I started shopping!

I heard about Starfrit and yesterday when I went to Canadian Tire (read the comments they are hilarious) to buy a mosquito repellent, I thought I would try to find it! There was just one left in the store where I was. I asked an employee for help and he found it! I was really happy. It’s really easy! There is even a small palette to pick up 😍 It is $ 11.99 plus taxes.

On Amazon I found something equivalent. There are more girly things, but I’m looking for efficiency not the look. And if it’s like my can opener that I’ve had for over 25 years, I think I’m ok !

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