Shopping at the SQDC when you are medical…

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I have my license to produce my own cannabis but I ran out of it so I have to shop until my plants are ready.

So I went to the SQDC. I often shop online before I go there because I like to look at all the kinds and see the terpenes depending on what I need for my body. It’s a topic I’m going to talk about terpenes and it’s really fun to discover options.

I let myself be tempted by an Organic Unit from The Green Organic Dutchman company. I have a prescription with them so I wanted to know if I would like them … THC 21.20% and 0% CBD.

I bought in store, the Organic Unit at $ 39.40 for 3.5 g. This comes down to $ 11.26 per gram. If I buy it online with $ 5 of delivery it comes back to $ 45.15 so $ 12.90 per gram. I went to see on The Green Organic Dutchman website if I buy it it is special at $ 50.00 for 5 g and we have to pay the shipping at $ 5.00 and the taxes of $ 8.24 so 65, $ 24. So $ 13.05 a gram.

So if you are medical you pay more … But hey while waiting to be independent I give you my impressions.

I started with a small pipe, I find it easier when I try, it makes me cough less. And I DID NOT Cough! Ye! So no COVID panic alert for my neighbors!

So I tried with my bong! Happiness ! No itchy or itchy throat. And I tried to take the biggest puf possible and I didn’t cough!

I did not receive anything free for this article so I admit that I just bought a 3.5 g and I am almost sad hihihi!

The feeling is really relaxed, ok you will tell me that it is Indica to relax but it is really fun, not become a potato coach.

I also bought the Hexo Nebula which is an indica too but with myrcene, THC 1.7mg / g. I admit that the White Widow got me attracted. And I can confirm at the speed that I type that it is a good White Widow!

What are your favorite products?

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