My healthy garden Spring 2020 part II

Merci de partager

Growing cannabis is not always easy. It’s finding the right place, the right fertilizer of the moment and everything else! Watch for mosquitoes too!

The company told me it was miraculous and I believe it, I see it! With the heat of the last days it grew by 10 centimeters per day, ok I did not calculate it but it looked like that!

Compared to my plants from last year which had still grown well, the color of the leaves is super green! We had put good fertilizers which were recommended but it is not comparable.

Write OnMagasineExtra to get 10%, I receive a small commission if you buy with my promo code for the Pro Culture Terro. I admit that I am so surprised to see the speed at which it grows without my having to worry about the fertilizers!

I can’t wait to be able to make my oils and the like when the harvest arrives! Do you have cannabis plants? Show it to me in the comments


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