I’m afraid of the price wave in food …

Merci de partager

I admit, I was a person who every morning had coffee while reading the newspapers. Since March 13th I must admit that we live as in a flying bubble… Bombarded with news that rolls 24/7 on the pandemic without any other subject… I know that it is a terrible pandemic and that it is that of our century…

It slowed down so we are now panicking on the 2nd WAVE !!!!

Ok, we know that it could re-strike … But what scares me most is the price wave in food that will hit us solid, I’m sure! What to do to prepare? Like couponing, we try to take the bargains when the time is right. As in the history of cauliflower in January at $ 8.00… On OnMagasine we weren’t surprised, we don’t buy cauliflower in January that’s all!

Because one day the CPU will end and some companies will have a hard time surviving, so job and money lost. And it has already started with some of us.

So I’m going to try with OnMagasineExtra.ca to help us find good foods, if possible the most local for everyone! Stuff that the community shares. Because like when I started OnMagasine, I am not yet to know a lot of things but we will share it together!

Why here? Because couponing is another life for me. I chose to eat things that are miles from couponing! My dream? That all customers, producers and other food stakeholders have acceptable prices. And products that are good for humans …đź’š

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