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I wanted to write to you because it’s the only thing I can do this week, my brain is disconnected … As many have read on Facebook, my biological mom Michelle passed away last Friday (October 9, 2020). Too young, 70 years old … The reason I am telling you about it is that for a few days now my body has been talking to me! I think about when I’m going to have to go back to his house, empty his wardrobe, remember the moments I saw him wearing such and such a piece of clothing, smell his perfume … Just writing it bring tears in my heart …

My body speaks to me because I abused it… Thursday when I left the hospital, I wanted to go under a cable, because I didn’t want to go to the end of the line, My legs were very tired… But my brain told me stop! I got kind of dizzy and wound up on my back. People from the hospital security came to help me. I was told: “Go to the emergency room” … I admit that my head was far away with my mother at the end of her life … I took the car and I returned home … I had a good bump, I knew I had a small concussion, I had a beautiful chicken egg on the coconut! I’m still lucky I had started my 100 days and was doing well the days before it all happened.

On Friday morning, I got up at 8:00 am and I was dizzy to the power of 200! It’s been at least two and a half years since I dealt with this with my diet and exercise! At 8:45 am my uncle called me to tell me that my mom was gone… I have had pain in my heart and in my body since… My naturopath gave me two supplements and in a few hours it was gone! Ok I didn’t clean the house but the dizziness was really minor …

I went to see my osteopath on Tuesday evening, it was an appointment that I had planned for a month. I gave him a quick summary of the situation and his question was: Why weren’t you in the emergency room? I still thought about it …

Here is the treatment on the Public Health of Canada website …

Treatment of a concussion

If you’ve had a concussion, your doctor will monitor your symptoms and tell you when you can resume your usual activities.

They may also seek support from other health professionals, including:

a neurologist

a physiotherapist

an occupational therapist

Usually, symptoms go away within 10 days to 4 weeks. If this is not the first concussion suffered, or if other health-related factors are present, recovery may take longer.

So if I had done according to what everyone says, I would have waited 1, 2 or 3 hours in the Emergency Department, so that afterwards they told me to go home with Tylenol … My naturopath said to take two homeopathic products that worked! So yes I am glad I came to our place and chose this option of help. I cried, I took some sun and some time to help myself. This is what I have learned since being diagnosed with MS: Take care of myself 💜

In the next few weeks, if you’re interested, I’ll be hosting Teams meetings with people who can help us! In fact a lot of people we would like to hear. I decided to do what I don’t want what everyone expects of me …

From November 20 to November 24, 2020 I will attend the Integrative Health Symposium. I bought myself this gift that comes around the time of my birthday💜 Because that’s also what you have to do: think about yourself and just spoil yourself. I know this conference will help me understand.

I think it’s the first time I’ve written so much but I had to talk to you 💜

Life is fragile, it can break like a dry branch anytime 💜

Have a nice day, think of you and I will get back to you soon with the video chatting!

My mom Michelle, November 2008

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