A commitment with myself ❄️ January 2021

Merci de partager

I don’t usually make resolutions but this year I’m making a commitment with myself.  I now decide that I am important. It’s not something you learn I think, it’s something you develop. 

I’m working on it but I’d still like to share my findings with those who are interested in reading me! Yes yes you who is reading me right now. 😉

I’m going to do video meetings in Teams, sign up for my list and if you want, click to get my newsletter and keep you up to date!

I just finished listening to the documentary Defying All Odds. It’s available in English and Spanish right now.  This is Dr. Wahls’ wonderful story.  It helps me to ‘grounder’ for the new year. Because it moved quite a bit this year with COVID-19 but also in my personal life.

So I’m going to continue OnMagasineExtra as I want to do but I’m preventing myself because I was listening to everyone around waiting for me to give them a deal…

What I want to do is add things every day but without putting pressure on myself. Follow me on my Facebook group OnMagasineExtra or the OnMagasineExtra Facebook Page (it’s better the group to get the notifications).  I’m also on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

I had a lot of visibility in the different medias in Quebec. I even had an interview for a TV in France!  But the problem with this celebrity is the expectations and the display! Yes I’m like Facebook I live from advertising… And I can’t spend my life doing interviews for a living!  I’m going to see how I can make a living from it.  All my links will have affiliations if possible for me.

For the rest I send this into the universe!

Happy New Year 2021!

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