Every bite counts

Merci de partager

In the last week (January 11) I ate well. I had started a ”100 days” but my birth mother passed away so let’s say it stirred a lot of emotions and then my food holidays …

I still have in mind the phrase that my boyfriend said to me: “At first you ate what? Because you were good.” That’s exactly what I thought.

The first year I followed the Wahls Protocol I didn’t eat bread. The ones I found always had ingredients to avoid…

I found the products of Cuisine L’Angélique a year after I started. L’Angélique bread was my treat with tomatoes and mayonnaise!

Many ask me how I know what my body doesn’t like.  You don’t always remember what you ate or did the night before or before!  To help me I have the MySymptoms app… 

Last night I ate a few bites of a muffin I had just made. With the muffin mix of Cuisine L’Angélique that I’ve been using for at least a year…

Two hours later, the inside of my arm started to sting. I was all the red inside because I was scratching too much! So I took two Benadryl. It happened often prior to my power change. It took 5 minutes and I went down.

I slept like a log, so high on Benadryl  😁

Do I really need someone to tell me that something is not good for me?

I’m not saying that food is a religion, but for me it is. In my situation, my body is God as it decides what is good for me!

I start my week by chatting to you with my little herbal tea. Reflecting on my goals…

Think of yourself 💛

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