I am more than a patient…

Merci de partager

Yesterday evening before going to sleep I withdrew my article I had written on homeopathy because I don’t want to cause problems to people… Is it vague enough?

Will the System, that protects itself with their lawyers, activate? Because I know that in this System there are professionals who want to change things but are blocked because change is not easy for everyone … And this blocks me! 

I am just a citizen with an autoimmune disease trying to help other humans … I’m not always patient and I will figure out how to help people without causing trouble…

In the meantime, I have to pay for things (still vague?) That do me good!

I can’t share that too because it can hurt those who help me! It’s pretty mind-blowing don’t you think? 

I am not anti vaccines or anti drugs! I am for opening our horizons a little! Being able to turn to the professional who really helps us! I know there are plenty of clowns who are really weird and stupids, but we know that there are clowns on both sides of the fence!

I made this website to learn and share.

For me, the community is about exchanging information and learning. I want my questions answered … How much do I cost to the system as a person with MS? Does my neuro have a package deal with me, like this is XX, XX $ to take care of me? Is it in the act?

I would really like to know! If you know you can mention it in the comments below and if you are affraid write me on my contact form. Use a disposable address to protect yourself if you want!

This situation confirms to me that I must continue!  

Since when am I afraid to move?

Take care of yourself !

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