Losing weight with or without a pill?

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The other night while preparing dinner I heard an ad about weight loss.

It also said that obesity is a chronic disease! Ah well ! If it’s a disease we will be able to make and sell pills! Do you see the marketing? Fruits and vegetables do not bring as much money in health problems …

It was not the first time that I heard it so I went to type the web adress announced. The word is in bold because you have to know that it is an advertisement!

What I read really blew me away at the phrase ‘Every time you lose weight your body tries to gain it back.’

I lost my 50 pounds in 2017 and I restarted to gained weigth in the Winter, February 2020, quitting smoking was very difficult.

But I still had spent at least a year and a half without gaining weight. Which was the first time in my life!

So I shared the image on my Facebook group OnMagasineExtra and realized that it was still a popular option for some. I respect those who take this path. But do you know what really got me thinking?

  • I changed my diet to avoid taking MS drugs because they have a lot of side effects and as a result it made me lose weight …
  • People take drugs with side effects to lose weight …

This is top level pharmaceutical marketing aerobatics in my opinion!

Make us believe that a pill can really help us lose weight … And this morning I read an article written by

The Food Professor Dr. Sylvain Charlebois: ”The best medicine, in or out of the COVID-19 pandemic, is sound nutrition”.

I already feel better, despite the snow today, because I have been eating well for a week and a few days …

I’m not saying the food is miraculous, I’m just saying that drugs often come with side effects which aren’t always the best…

Think about you & Have a nice day!



** Please note this is my opinion, I am an MS patient and human, you should consult a healthcare practitioner before making any changes.

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