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I heard about this studio because it’s a friend found on Facebook who is the owner. We worked together as lifeguards and swimming instructors đź’™

I tried a few sessions and liked it. It’s on my list to try more seriously!

What does essentrics provide?

At the level of the body:
  • Refine the waist Creates toned, long and thin arms
  • Refines thighs and quads
  • Flat and firm stomach
  • Improve posture
  • Firms the glutes and all the muscles in your body

In terms of health and performance

  • Increases flexibility of the whole body Helps relieve pain
  • Unlocks and relaxes muscles and joints
  • Strengthens and straightens the spine
  • Helps treat and prevent back pain Improves agility and speed
  • Prevents injuries
  • Accelerates and promotes healing through increased blood flow

This discipline is accessible to all. It is ideal for women who have just given birth, for people who wish to resume physical activity, for great athletes who wish to supplement their training, for those who experience chronic pain (knees, back, hips, cervical …). Lunge down, shoulder rotation, arm stretch … unlike Yoga or Pilates, Essentrics is a method that relies on an uninterrupted sequence of postures. In short, dynamic stretching.

And it’s available online! Look and Register here

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