How I found my boo-boos…

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When I started the Wahls Protocol in July 2017, I suddenly cut everything! Dairy products, refined sugars, gluten ” Cold Turkey ” as the English says!

I admit that I ate tons of salad in July! I had to eat 9 cups of fruits and vegetables per day. I “attacked” like I always did when I was doing something: intense !!!

I have several who ask me how I know what hurts me the most or basically what causes me the most inflammation … And it’s really to cut and reintroduce 30 days (minimum)… This is how I know if I eat corn my head hurts. That when I eat cashews in large quantities it is not a good idea…

The MySymptoms app at 5,49$ on the App Store or on Google Play.

I admit that I was ” Franglais ” I chose coffee but I simply added words to myself.

The fun part is that you can mostly track your symptoms! And it helped me a lot!

If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to share them with me by writing to me 📨 or by commenting below ✏️

You really have to force yourself to do it. It takes 30 days to acquire a habit …



** Remember that I am not giving doctor advice and you must have a healthcare professional to talk to about it.

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