Merci de partager

It’s been a while that I think about it and now I dive!  

I want to make video conferences and talk about different subjects!

I was lucky since 2011 and before, I met wonderful people!  So I would like to present them to you. And also discover with you! And find new ones!

The other reason is that I can’t talk about COVID-19 anymore … Our life revolves around it and it’s like really draining unnecessarily!🤣🤣🤣

I want to discuss with people all over the world!

I am lucky to speak French and English so it opens doors for me! And I have social media’s friend all over the world and it’s really awesome!

If you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to write me on the contact page.

I want to find real people to talk about real and interesting business!

Computer, tablet or mobile

The link will be available on the website and I will also send invitations by email.
Click on this section for the guest list ** And check back for updates!

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