Lili's guests
Lili's guests

Lili’s guests

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Rose-Line Brasset is a lady that I virtually met with couponing and now I consider her as a friend.


She wrote the nice série Juliette which touches a lot of readers all over the world!

These are great stories that make us travel without testing for COVID-19!

We will receive her at the beginning of April 2021 for the release of her new book!

Sylvain Paquin is a longtime friend and a visionary.

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He works in Northern Quebec … When your address is on the Radisson road that says it all … It’s far from my small suburb …

You can visit it and do some really awesome tourism! A beautiful corner for the holidays! He has lots of wonderful photos so check out his Facebook page!

Katryne Parenteau is the FIRST AND ONLY female ice pilot in Canada!  🇨🇦 ☝️ I feel priviledge to have this conversation!

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Here she is with a boat captain. She’s the one who helps them navigate the ice!

I admit that I am impressed because she looks like a very soft and fragile little flower! It’s a decoy! She is strong and knows her job!

If I’m lucky she can show us around (virtually of course) the boat on which she sails!

Peut être une image de océan

Peut être une image de 1 personne et sourireAnne Fleishman is also an author that I met with

I am happy to invite her to OnMagasineExtra!

She writes detective novels and I love detective novels 🙂 So I will try to read it before I meet her! It is precisely the creation of a new one!

If you are interested here are his two books below.

Peut être une image de livre et texte : « ROMAN POLICIER Une île dorée ANNE FLEISCHMAN f'éléve ROMAN ROM Cuba libre ANNE FLEISCHMAN NOUVEAU DIAMOI DI 2020! 20201 UNETTES POUR siffleur »

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