Planning for my 2021 medical garden!

Merci de partager

February is when I think about what I’m going to grow in my garden this summer to help me with the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

I have my medical license to grow at home and would love to have a bit of everything. Something that helps the pain, helps sleep, helps relax, etc.

I will find someone to talk about it.

We know that we will still be at home this summer as well to make it fun.

I will be creating a seeds swap section and I will personally bring in people who want to swap. No money, just people who want to trade because it’s fun.

Often we will order and there is a minimum for shipping. So swapping would be an option to have different varieties!

Because yes, it’s fun to grow that!

I know that some people smile when they read me but it’s because we ended up loving this plant and we think of the help that we can extract from it. đź’š If I can smile it’s a little thanks to that too.

Obviously I am looking for strains that can help me and that are available. I also have in mind the terpenes which are, in my opinion, the best thing to help and orientate yourself.

Also I want feminized ones because autoflowering is not easy when you are going to grow it outside.

Here is a list of sites to shop for cannabis seeds.

XoticSeeds is the place I bought my mega giants Black Diamond seeds 2 years ago. I am expecting delivery of my order this week! 6 different kinds !! I’ll keep you informed 💚

Crop King Seeds  is a place that I bought, I liked it. Fast delivery with a beautiful presentation kit with explanations.

Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds:   I am tempted with this place this year.  I will check how long for the shipping.

True North

True North is another interesting place.


Seedbank it is a place that some recommend, personally I have not tried it.

Seedsman I just found this one and it is really interesting, the search is quick and clear. You can choose by illness, to find your way, it’s  useful! But it is in Spain… The paiement is complicated…

Alchimia it is a place that was recomended but i find that it is more like a broker finding you some links.

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