What does being medically independant means for me?

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Yesterday I was listening to a presentation on the tax issues that can be claimed when living with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.

It spoke of degeneration that seems assumed and assured when you have this diagnosis… I admit that I continued to listen until someone asked if the equipment and expenses related to medical cannabis are accepted in the expenses health section.

Suddenly the two speakers smiled, like: ”Oh those ones…”
When we know that the conference partners were: Biogen, EMD Serono, Roche et Pendopharm… 
I say to myself ”Oh those ones”…


It is in my objectives: to remove those unpleasant and condescending little smiles when it comes to medical cannabis!
Because YES it helps a lot of people and NO I’m not a coach potato!

I know that when we say Multiple Sclerosis meds makes it sounds like big money $$$ …

For me, cannabis is what makes me feel good and, above all, doesn’t really have any side effects apart from a small ”munchies” or a big sleep!  Unlike drugs that are supposed to help MS…

So when I didn’t have a garden or a permit, I had to buy. It could cost me up to $ 250.00 per month minimum and I only bought flowers because small bottles of oil work but it costs a fortune!

You can see the prices as of February 24, 2021. I have chosen the most expensive and the cheapest from my two personal suppliers.

We agree that ” Shake ” is the same as when your dealer was selling you the bottom of the bag… 🤣

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