A variable code of ethic?

Merci de partager

In 2011 I created a couponing website called OnMagasine.ca. 

I did it because I had seen the American shows and thought I was going to try this. It was great, we saved up and we had a lot of fun!

I had months with 1 million page views, it’s a lot especially in Quebec and just in French. I worked hard, I always try to ride as straight as possible.

I was approached to advertise. They wanted me to talk about a points card that I was not using…

But I asked too many questions and after approaching me they backed away! And I lost the contract which really paid off…

How could I explain to my community that all of a sudden this card became wonderful??

One word: credibility. I never wanted to lose it no matter what the cost is!

I stopped writting some deals because I couldn’t tell people you have to buy it’s cheap and the ingredients are crap …

I know that some will hide behind: ” It’s not good for everyone but I get paid to tell you about it and it’s still something that is in the Canadian Food Guide … ”

So my question is the people who have orders and who do promotions on TV, what does that mean? How can you talk to someone who is gluten or lactose intolerant when you promote it?

I can’t talk about the benefits that my naturopath brings me because it could cause her trouble … But I see and I hear advertisements …

And in my head it always says: ”Follow the money”

Where is the logic and especially the moral of a professional?

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