Living on the edge of the precipice!

Merci de partager

When the pandemic exploded in March 2020 I must admit that in a way I was ready … Since 2017 I have been living with a diagnosis of MS, let’s say it’s not Public Health, it’s Lili’s Health who decides…

Yesterday it really struck me, you are going to say: well let’s see she knows it … It just flashed: Even if I would do everything I can, the beast will always be there, crouching in a corner ready to come out ..

Because this week I had a sore neck … As in the “good old days” … I admit that looking at the stairs to the pool and not wanting to climb it because it hurts too much it’s not always easy to accept … Plan that next summer I want to have direct access to my patio because it’s the only place that never have pain…

What keeps me writing is that I LOVE IT!

I like to talk to you about all kind of things, talking to you is what makes me look into the future! Like when I started, I want to help my girlfriends!

So I bought a microphone and tripod kit to have the right tools!

Because I want to learn, understand and laugh with lots of people! I am fortunate to speak French and English so I will speak in both languages ​​and it will be translated (if humanly possible).

Follow me to be informed of my next broadcast!

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