Not taxing : Educating!

Merci de partager

This morning I was reading the article of Sylvain Charlebois in the Toronto Star ”The Saturday Debate: Should provinces adopt a sugar tax?” 

Reminds me of when 4 years ago when I was doing the weekly deals.  I had about 500 hand-written deals … So I told people, you have the Reebee app, choose your poison;) I wasn’t judging I wasn’t promoting cigarette deals …

Some people told me it was terrible and I had a bias !!!! Yes Sherlock I have a bias because I see how it can affect us.

Sugar is everywhere … It is, in my opinion, up to the customer to choose what he puts in his mouth. But you have to be informed and read, which is not always easy for everyone and I understand that.

An example: on the packaging of pollock that we buy, the 2nd ingredient is sugar …

I’m looking for the purpose of OnMagasine & OnMagasineExtra and the more I think about it the more I want to help people eat and shop for products that are good. Without judging anything, I’m not a keto maniac or anything else;) Also learn about different subjects that affect me such as hormones, not just those of menopause …

The basis in everything is information & education and that’s what I want to do! 

Have a good Saturday!

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