Why talk about menopause?

Merci de partager

If you live in Quebec you have surely heard of the serie that Véronique Cloutier did called “Loto-Méno” at Tou.tv.

I had seen the ads on the web and I subscribed to specifically listen to this show and it was an investment of time, the first month is free!

And I found that a lot of the answers about my health were answered with seeing hormones! And things that I associated with MS which was diagnosed in the same years as my menopause …

Like the couponing with OnMagasine.ca, I decided to help other women by sharing information everywhere because together we will be stronger and more efficient!

I will put the information and links for you to share with your friends, sisters and healthcare professionals! I know it’s a little pompous to say that we are going to inform the professionals but it is quite simply to share information between humans!

I’m doing this site in English & French to reach as many women as possible!

I will also do videos and podcats will share my Lili no filter the podcast. English is coming soon.

Do you have any information that might be useful? Contact me!


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