Shop your doctor?

Merci de partager

As you know, if you read me, I am in menopause and have MS …. If you had told me one day you are going to talk about your health in your blog I would not have believed it …

But hey, I’ve been following my vibe and my feelings for quite a while and I believe that talking about our health is pretty much the basis for living a good life, believe me I know it …

Without surprise  some doctors literally take themselves for gods or diviners as the case may be … They are able to know what will happen to you next week or in 10 years … 

I discovered this site ”Rate my doctor or”. I put the link for Quebec, but it’s global. You would say that in Quebec, tell me if elsewhere it is like that, we are always afraid to criticize the sacrosanct word of the doctor. 

Crazy idea : Why don’t we team up with the people who take care of our health?

The naturopath, the osteopath, the homeopath, the chiropractor have always discussed with me the different protocols for MY health. Why do doctors literally impose their choice? Without any call to change?

I don’t want to “bash” anybody, I just want to help my girlfriends!

To be continued because I am far from finished believe me!

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