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Merci de partager

I’ve always worked, I’ve always organized myself and I have to tell you that having a $1,200 T-4 from Trudeau screwed me up after having had jobs all my life, being independent, having had a gas station franchise (Esso) for almost 5 years!

I created OnMagasine.ca in 2011, I was a mom at home, I didn’t want to run like my friends from the office to the daycare… I thought to myself that maybe I could help them and I do a job at the same time.

OnMagasine.ca rolled it’ was a jungle and advertising was a jungle. I already had a million page views per month. I was practically a ”one woman’s band” with help from lots of beautiful people in my community! But…

I know I’m repeating myself but I don’t want to do couponing anymore because it pushes a consumer society that is already intense to another level to have “a store” in your basement.

I know that with the pandemic many were happy with their bunker! I don’t have a bunker and I survived! And we agree that coupons are marketing and are 99.00% hyper-processed foods. There are offers on apps like Checkout 51 or Caddle but it’s still marketing and I can count on the fingers of my hand when I’ve had fruit or vegetables. We got coupons on chicken but morons fraud for higher value so it stopped…

So here, I’m going to share with you my food, health and many other things that help me with my physical and mental health. I want to create a community of people who train with pleasure, which we seem to have forgotten for two years…

Because my big Facebook group isn’t what I want anymore. If people want to go from one to another, I’m happy, but I just want them to know that it’s Extra with Lili Sans Filtre, the podcast that’s coming back soon!

Maybe have a Discord like forum? Maybe I’ll get other media options that you can chat about freely without censorship, and which I think is growing on popular social media…


As in the book ”The 5 Second Rule: Transform your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage ” of Mel Robbins

I decided that yes I was diving with OnMagasineExtra without questions and that I was going to add something new every day without any stress! Just for the fun of life!

From humans to humans! OnMagasineExtra wants to be a sanctuary (my version of ”asylum”) so that people can talk without being judged and that we can discuss lots of subjects, which in my opinion has been lacking more and more since 2020.. .

Embarquez-vous avec moi?  💜🧡💛💚

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