Marketing in food? What do I talk about?

Merci de partager

Since 2017, when I got my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis, food is the first tool that I used to start my fight. Because I can tell you it is not easy because food is in our culture. I found the Wahls Protocol in a Youtube vidéo ”Minding your mitochondria” from Dr. Terry Wahls. I talked about her already in this blog, but to let you remember (it helps with brain fog 😉 )

I have to go up the slope of food, I stopped smoking cigarettes in February 2020, not started again but the sugar battle in my body has started and I am finishing it right now, two years later.. .

I took back everything I had lost and maintained for 3 years… We must admit that since March 2020 we had a lot to manage… 

So this morning I was listening to the video of Dr. Ken Berry who talks about “5 Fake SuperFoods“. It is interesting to go back to the roots of the food that help me… Have a look at both videos and let me know what you think in the comments.

5 Fake Superfoods - Dr Ken D Berry

I will write about it, so come back and if you can, share so we can help each other out!

Have a wonderful day !

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