Hormones scare the doctors and it’s sad…

Merci de partager

I’m listening to the program EnquĂŞte of March 31, 2022. If you can have access to your location it’s still interesting but once again we feel the god syndrome of some doctors…

We see how women are treated like they are crazy. Social media again helps to help each other. The Bioidentical Hormones on Instagram is a good place to start. There is also a Facebook group.

I had listened to Loto-MĂ©no by VĂ©ronique Cloutier, I told you about it in my article “Why talk about menopause?

I saw the change in my health with hormone therapy. I hope that like any treatment, it will be accessible to as many women as possible!

Of course 10 million more for women’s health is too much!!!!!! How many are sent all over the world for all kind of reasons?? We keep drugs which are not really good but which have EXCELLENT STUDIES, isn’t this wonderful? These are the same doctors who told us to get vaccinated with shitty research!

We hear the speech of Sylvie Bouchard, who is the director of drug evaluation for INESS, who is so incredible, she says that it is the companies that must provide the studies C’EST UNE FEMME!!!!! !!!!

We would say that certain women in a position of power must be contemptuous towards other women, to be part of the gang of boys? You’re in the machine help us criss!

Again the mainstream media helps by starting the discussion but social media and the internet will reach even more people and help more concretely.

They insist on giving hormones but shots of products that are still in the research phase are ok! The medicine I had in my throat for a few years, but the last two confirm the shit they can cause.

With that, I’m going to go meditate to ease the stress that these situations can cause.

Have a nice weekend!

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