What is Crypto? I want to know & learn! Are you tempted? Embark with me!

Merci de partager

I have been looking for nearly 4 years for what to do as a business, how to ”reinvent myself”… With OnMagasine I was a mother at home who wanted to “get more for her money”. I learned to save with flyers and sales cycles. I was able to live with advertising and my columns in newspapers. And what’s more, it was a community of awesome humans!

I slowed down OnMagasine because I was out of fun and the deals didn’t interest me anymore. I changed my diet to be able to fight the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, so as far as hyper-processed foods are concerned, I am now passing my turn.

With the past two years being intense, I started looking at different things that interested me and crypto was an avenue but it scared me at the same time.

I listened to dozens of hours of Youtube and other videos that talked about it and were very informative and above all, gave me confidence in this blockchain technology.

And it’s with the vision to share and exchange informations and I want to live with affiliate links and my investments.  

I don’t talk about that but it’s not true that I’m going to censor myself as we’ve been censoring ourselves for two years!

I want to have a community that has no borders, that can be anywhere on the planet because even more now we know that we are experiencing the decline of a civilization. We must therefore act and react so as not to be swept away by the wave…

I wish you a wonderful day and stay free

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