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Getting started in the world of crypto is not always obvious and easy. I’ve always loved finding things that are free and anyone can enjoy!

I found an interesting option called Shakepay! It gives you free cryptos every day! Yes yes like coupons, I can find cents that will make dollars. In fact, it’s Satoshis that will make Bitcoins! Shake for 365 days and get up to a 1000 Satoshis per day!

What is even more rewarding is that with my link or my code when you buy $100 of cryptos you will have a $30 bonus! So you have $130 in your account, if you wish you can withdraw the amount and play with the remaining $30!

To get the $30 click on the image below and start the crypto adventure!

You can use my code ZHVWW10 or this link…


With the application, which is also called a “wallet”, you can buy Bitcoins and/or Ethereum.

You can have a virtual Visa card that you can use to pay for your purchases. It must be purchases made “in person” and it’s more the principle of the prepaid card. You have to deposit, it’s not credit. The advantage is that it gives you 2% back for the first $5000.

It’s very fast to put money in your Shakepay account, just to make an Interac transfer. The money is quickly deposited. That’s $100 off $5000, that’s money we would have spent anyway…

Finally why I like Shakepay is that I can’t buy crypto with my credit card they block certain sites… So I went through them to access and put my Bitcoins elsewhere to make them grow. I will tell you about it in a future article.

Another great way to make crypto for free is to be in a #ShakeSquad and get rewards as a team! 

You can make a team or find one that accepts you!

For that I should put a “friends” section OnMagasineExtra? To be continued…

Are you tempted? Try it costs almost nothing and with the future taking shape, we take everything we can to get out of it!

Happy cryptos shopping extra!

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