Do you want free cryptos?

Getting started in the world of crypto is not always obvious and easy. I’ve always loved finding things that are free and anyone can enjoy!

I found an interesting option called Shakepay! It gives you free cryptos every day! Yes yes like coupons, I can find cents that will make dollars. In fact, it’s Satoshis that will make Bitcoins! Shake for 365 days and get up to a 1000 Satoshis per day!

What is even more rewarding is that with my link or my code when you buy $100 of cryptos you will have a $30 bonus! So you have $130 in your account, if you wish you can withdraw the amount and play with the remaining $30!

To get the $30 click on the image below and start the crypto adventure!

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With the application, which is also called a “wallet”, you can buy Bitcoins and/or Ethereum.

You can have a virtual Visa card that you can use to pay for your purchases. It must be purchases made “in person” and it’s more the principle of the prepaid card. You have to deposit, it’s not credit. The advantage is that it gives you 2% back for the first $5000.

It’s very fast to put money in your Shakepay account, just to make an Interac transfer. The money is quickly deposited. That’s $100 off $5000, that’s money we would have spent anyway…

Finally why I like Shakepay is that I can’t buy crypto with my credit card they block certain sites… So I went through them to access and put my Bitcoins elsewhere to make them grow. I will tell you about it in a future article.

Another great way to make crypto for free is to be in a #ShakeSquad and get rewards as a team! 

You can make a team or find one that accepts you!

For that I should put a “friends” section OnMagasineExtra? To be continued…

Are you tempted? Try it costs almost nothing and with the future taking shape, we take everything we can to get out of it!

Happy cryptos shopping extra!

What is Crypto? I want to know & learn! Are you tempted? Embark with me!

I have been looking for nearly 4 years for what to do as a business, how to ”reinvent myself”… With OnMagasine I was a mother at home who wanted to “get more for her money”. I learned to save with flyers and sales cycles. I was able to live with advertising and my columns in newspapers. And what’s more, it was a community of awesome humans!

I slowed down OnMagasine because I was out of fun and the deals didn’t interest me anymore. I changed my diet to be able to fight the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, so as far as hyper-processed foods are concerned, I am now passing my turn.

With the past two years being intense, I started looking at different things that interested me and crypto was an avenue but it scared me at the same time.

I listened to dozens of hours of Youtube and other videos that talked about it and were very informative and above all, gave me confidence in this blockchain technology.

And it’s with the vision to share and exchange informations and I want to live with affiliate links and my investments.  

I don’t talk about that but it’s not true that I’m going to censor myself as we’ve been censoring ourselves for two years!

I want to have a community that has no borders, that can be anywhere on the planet because even more now we know that we are experiencing the decline of a civilization. We must therefore act and react so as not to be swept away by the wave…

I wish you a wonderful day and stay free

Recipes to taste


When I changed my diet I admit that in the first months I ate a lot of salads! It was summer so when autumn arrived with the cold I had to find recipes to warm me up…

You will find in this section recipes that I have not all tried but with time and your comments we will have a nice list!

Here is a base of products in the cupboard and the fridge to have a diversified diet and be able to make great recipes!

Get the list here…


You have any product or recipe suggestions?

Write to me I will add them!

Hormones scare the doctors and it’s sad…

I’m listening to the program Enquête of March 31, 2022. If you can have access to your location it’s still interesting but once again we feel the god syndrome of some doctors…

We see how women are treated like they are crazy. Social media again helps to help each other. The Bioidentical Hormones on Instagram is a good place to start. There is also a Facebook group.

I had listened to Loto-Méno by Véronique Cloutier, I told you about it in my article “Why talk about menopause?

I saw the change in my health with hormone therapy. I hope that like any treatment, it will be accessible to as many women as possible!

Of course 10 million more for women’s health is too much!!!!!! How many are sent all over the world for all kind of reasons?? We keep drugs which are not really good but which have EXCELLENT STUDIES, isn’t this wonderful? These are the same doctors who told us to get vaccinated with shitty research!

We hear the speech of Sylvie Bouchard, who is the director of drug evaluation for INESS, who is so incredible, she says that it is the companies that must provide the studies C’EST UNE FEMME!!!!! !!!!

We would say that certain women in a position of power must be contemptuous towards other women, to be part of the gang of boys? You’re in the machine help us criss!

Again the mainstream media helps by starting the discussion but social media and the internet will reach even more people and help more concretely.

They insist on giving hormones but shots of products that are still in the research phase are ok! The medicine I had in my throat for a few years, but the last two confirm the shit they can cause.

With that, I’m going to go meditate to ease the stress that these situations can cause.

Have a nice weekend!

Marketing in food? What do I talk about?

Since 2017, when I got my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis, food is the first tool that I used to start my fight. Because I can tell you it is not easy because food is in our culture. I found the Wahls Protocol in a Youtube vidéo ”Minding your mitochondria” from Dr. Terry Wahls. I talked about her already in this blog, but to let you remember (it helps with brain fog 😉 )

I have to go up the slope of food, I stopped smoking cigarettes in February 2020, not started again but the sugar battle in my body has started and I am finishing it right now, two years later.. .

I took back everything I had lost and maintained for 3 years… We must admit that since March 2020 we had a lot to manage… 

So this morning I was listening to the video of Dr. Ken Berry who talks about “5 Fake SuperFoods“. It is interesting to go back to the roots of the food that help me… Have a look at both videos and let me know what you think in the comments.

5 Fake Superfoods - Dr Ken D Berry

I will write about it, so come back and if you can, share so we can help each other out!

Have a wonderful day !

Dive! Don’t look back and don’t regret!

I’ve always worked, I’ve always organized myself and I have to tell you that having a $1,200 T-4 from Trudeau screwed me up after having had jobs all my life, being independent, having had a gas station franchise (Esso) for almost 5 years!

I created in 2011, I was a mom at home, I didn’t want to run like my friends from the office to the daycare… I thought to myself that maybe I could help them and I do a job at the same time. rolled it’ was a jungle and advertising was a jungle. I already had a million page views per month. I was practically a ”one woman’s band” with help from lots of beautiful people in my community! But…

I know I’m repeating myself but I don’t want to do couponing anymore because it pushes a consumer society that is already intense to another level to have “a store” in your basement.

I know that with the pandemic many were happy with their bunker! I don’t have a bunker and I survived! And we agree that coupons are marketing and are 99.00% hyper-processed foods. There are offers on apps like Checkout 51 or Caddle but it’s still marketing and I can count on the fingers of my hand when I’ve had fruit or vegetables. We got coupons on chicken but morons fraud for higher value so it stopped…

So here, I’m going to share with you my food, health and many other things that help me with my physical and mental health. I want to create a community of people who train with pleasure, which we seem to have forgotten for two years…

Because my big Facebook group isn’t what I want anymore. If people want to go from one to another, I’m happy, but I just want them to know that it’s Extra with Lili Sans Filtre, the podcast that’s coming back soon!

Maybe have a Discord like forum? Maybe I’ll get other media options that you can chat about freely without censorship, and which I think is growing on popular social media…


As in the book ”The 5 Second Rule: Transform your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage ” of Mel Robbins

I decided that yes I was diving with OnMagasineExtra without questions and that I was going to add something new every day without any stress! Just for the fun of life!

From humans to humans! OnMagasineExtra wants to be a sanctuary (my version of ”asylum”) so that people can talk without being judged and that we can discuss lots of subjects, which in my opinion has been lacking more and more since 2020.. .

Embarquez-vous avec moi?  💜🧡💛💚

Adjust & don’t stop…

I have been in business for myself for over 25 years. It means that I always have to organize myself.

So I started a podcast to join my world and start having fun again! Last week I did episode 8 of Lili without filter, promising to schedule the meetings and tell you some of them …

But last Wednesday I think I had a heat stroke and I fell on my cement balcony with my chin first … So I have teeth that have been replaced as best as the dentists at Notre-Dame Hospital, could do.

I also have a splint on my left arm that makes me tap with a finger … So I did two new things: take the ambulance and have a cast. I am writing to you because speaking hurts me …

I would like to mention the excellent service I had from the paramedics, nurses, and Doctor Cardinal who really tried to get me as much help as possible with my teeth … The paramedic who heard me whine everything along the journey with the theme: stupid and innocent accident …

Ever since I was diagnosed I have been trying to think differently. So I will focus this fall on recovering with the exercises in “Neuro Gym Online”. I need to regain my strength but also my self-confidence. Because that’s what I don’t want to lose; my confidence…

But hey, we’re going to go one day at a time …

Have a good week!

Monitor your health yourself?…

When I was diagnosed with MS in 2017, I changed a lot of things in my life. Among other things, I changed the way I eat by choosing a diet free of gluten, dairy products and sugar. I talk about it here in my article: “The Wahls Protocol.” I saw a change and I now know when I deviate from the line, I pay for and my body tells me …

Obviously I found all the information to help me on the web! Yes Yes ! You can get useful information on the Internet!

On August 25, I had to go to the grocery store for supper, I have an accident, the details of which you can read here: “Adjust & don’t stop”. 

It happened last August but I am now starting again, at the beginning of November, to recover from this accident which was in fact a big trauma, must not forget that I also have an autoimmune disease … I’m still waiting for a video meeting with my neurologist, I played my first ‘official’ magnetic resonances in July … The others I paid privately … It’s been three months anyway …

At the beginning of October I had a neuralgia, but not the one I usually had which is no longer to brush my hair too hard, a big one that is like an electric shock that starts from the neck, goes into the ear and finished on top of the head …

I must admit that I have NEVER had pain like this … But in a situation like that who do we call? The emergency doctor? I left a message at the hospital for the dentist, never had a call back … So I looked to see my osteopath, who had realized before everyone else that I had MS. But the appointment was only possible 15 days later … So I looked at homeopathy, it helped me but not enough.

I couldn’t speak for more than 5-10 minutes … And if you know me, it’s not me!

I was in so much pain that I would vomit on an empty stomach, in the morning at 5:00 am … And that’s when I thought of Trevor Wicken with his MS Gym exercises that had helped me at the start of my diagnosis.

So I started exercises for the neck, I have lots of Multiple Sclerosis spots in that corner so it’s fragile … And I continued to suffer the same …

I finally met my osteopath Mathieu Benoit from Kinatex Sports Physio Vaudreuil on October 18 … I love this guy, he is logical, human and knows so much!

So he replaced the ” muscle ” for me, I don’t know what to call it, it’s what held my jaw that was displaced that’s why it was painful. It hurt but since that time I am recovering and the pain is disappearing more and more. I continue to do the exercises that I had found and those that Mathieu recommended to me.

Why am I talking about this to you?

Because if I hadn’t found a way to get help, no one in the system would have helped me! Yes, I would have had morphine en masse! But above all, how long would I have suffered? Why was the private system I paid for that helped me keep track? And this whole system I found on social media …

We need to have access to different options to help ourselves and the system we have at the moment is half-functioning …

Thanks for reading me and have a wonderful day 💙💙💙

Shop your doctor?

As you know, if you read me, I am in menopause and have MS …. If you had told me one day you are going to talk about your health in your blog I would not have believed it …

But hey, I’ve been following my vibe and my feelings for quite a while and I believe that talking about our health is pretty much the basis for living a good life, believe me I know it …

Without surprise  some doctors literally take themselves for gods or diviners as the case may be … They are able to know what will happen to you next week or in 10 years … 

I discovered this site ”Rate my doctor or”. I put the link for Quebec, but it’s global. You would say that in Quebec, tell me if elsewhere it is like that, we are always afraid to criticize the sacrosanct word of the doctor. 

Crazy idea : Why don’t we team up with the people who take care of our health?

The naturopath, the osteopath, the homeopath, the chiropractor have always discussed with me the different protocols for MY health. Why do doctors literally impose their choice? Without any call to change?

I don’t want to “bash” anybody, I just want to help my girlfriends!

To be continued because I am far from finished believe me!