Does doctors who knows about menopause exist?

When we talk about doctors who know about hormone therapy, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack! It’s not just in Quebec… it’s global…

According to the science of traditional medicine doctors, as far as I understood, once we can no longer make babies, it’s over we no longer need them! Hormones are used, according to some, for just one thing: reproduction …

For Quebec in Canada, we are fortunate to have Dr. Sylvie Demers, who is a specialist in the field. You can have a list of doctors who have followed her training:

I will search for the rest of Canada, the United States and the rest of the world!

Social media is also a good source of information but it’s more difficult for information management in my opinion.

There is the Facebook group Hormones Bioidentiques which is managed with a master hand and which has a lot of useful information and especially up to date! I will post a list soon!

So here is the Menopause section to help each other!

Why talk about menopause?

If you live in Quebec you have surely heard of the serie that Véronique Cloutier did called “Loto-Méno” at

I had seen the ads on the web and I subscribed to specifically listen to this show and it was an investment of time, the first month is free!

And I found that a lot of the answers about my health were answered with seeing hormones! And things that I associated with MS which was diagnosed in the same years as my menopause …

Like the couponing with, I decided to help other women by sharing information everywhere because together we will be stronger and more efficient!

I will put the information and links for you to share with your friends, sisters and healthcare professionals! I know it’s a little pompous to say that we are going to inform the professionals but it is quite simply to share information between humans!

I’m doing this site in English & French to reach as many women as possible!

I will also do videos and podcats will share my Lili no filter the podcast. English is coming soon.

Do you have any information that might be useful? Contact me!


Not taxing : Educating!

This morning I was reading the article of Sylvain Charlebois in the Toronto Star ”The Saturday Debate: Should provinces adopt a sugar tax?” 

Reminds me of when 4 years ago when I was doing the weekly deals.  I had about 500 hand-written deals … So I told people, you have the Reebee app, choose your poison;) I wasn’t judging I wasn’t promoting cigarette deals …

Some people told me it was terrible and I had a bias !!!! Yes Sherlock I have a bias because I see how it can affect us.

Sugar is everywhere … It is, in my opinion, up to the customer to choose what he puts in his mouth. But you have to be informed and read, which is not always easy for everyone and I understand that.

An example: on the packaging of pollock that we buy, the 2nd ingredient is sugar …

I’m looking for the purpose of OnMagasine & OnMagasineExtra and the more I think about it the more I want to help people eat and shop for products that are good. Without judging anything, I’m not a keto maniac or anything else;) Also learn about different subjects that affect me such as hormones, not just those of menopause …

The basis in everything is information & education and that’s what I want to do! 

Have a good Saturday!

Living on the edge of the precipice!

When the pandemic exploded in March 2020 I must admit that in a way I was ready … Since 2017 I have been living with a diagnosis of MS, let’s say it’s not Public Health, it’s Lili’s Health who decides…

Yesterday it really struck me, you are going to say: well let’s see she knows it … It just flashed: Even if I would do everything I can, the beast will always be there, crouching in a corner ready to come out ..

Because this week I had a sore neck … As in the “good old days” … I admit that looking at the stairs to the pool and not wanting to climb it because it hurts too much it’s not always easy to accept … Plan that next summer I want to have direct access to my patio because it’s the only place that never have pain…

What keeps me writing is that I LOVE IT!

I like to talk to you about all kind of things, talking to you is what makes me look into the future! Like when I started, I want to help my girlfriends!

So I bought a microphone and tripod kit to have the right tools!

Because I want to learn, understand and laugh with lots of people! I am fortunate to speak French and English so I will speak in both languages ​​and it will be translated (if humanly possible).

Follow me to be informed of my next broadcast!

A variable code of ethic?

In 2011 I created a couponing website called

I did it because I had seen the American shows and thought I was going to try this. It was great, we saved up and we had a lot of fun!

I had months with 1 million page views, it’s a lot especially in Quebec and just in French. I worked hard, I always try to ride as straight as possible.

I was approached to advertise. They wanted me to talk about a points card that I was not using…

But I asked too many questions and after approaching me they backed away! And I lost the contract which really paid off…

How could I explain to my community that all of a sudden this card became wonderful??

One word: credibility. I never wanted to lose it no matter what the cost is!

I stopped writting some deals because I couldn’t tell people you have to buy it’s cheap and the ingredients are crap …

I know that some will hide behind: ” It’s not good for everyone but I get paid to tell you about it and it’s still something that is in the Canadian Food Guide … ”

So my question is the people who have orders and who do promotions on TV, what does that mean? How can you talk to someone who is gluten or lactose intolerant when you promote it?

I can’t talk about the benefits that my naturopath brings me because it could cause her trouble … But I see and I hear advertisements …

And in my head it always says: ”Follow the money”

Where is the logic and especially the moral of a professional?

What does being medically independant means for me?

Yesterday I was listening to a presentation on the tax issues that can be claimed when living with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.

It spoke of degeneration that seems assumed and assured when you have this diagnosis… I admit that I continued to listen until someone asked if the equipment and expenses related to medical cannabis are accepted in the expenses health section.

Suddenly the two speakers smiled, like: ”Oh those ones…”
When we know that the conference partners were: Biogen, EMD Serono, Roche et Pendopharm… 
I say to myself ”Oh those ones”…


It is in my objectives: to remove those unpleasant and condescending little smiles when it comes to medical cannabis!
Because YES it helps a lot of people and NO I’m not a coach potato!

I know that when we say Multiple Sclerosis meds makes it sounds like big money $$$ …

For me, cannabis is what makes me feel good and, above all, doesn’t really have any side effects apart from a small ”munchies” or a big sleep!  Unlike drugs that are supposed to help MS…

So when I didn’t have a garden or a permit, I had to buy. It could cost me up to $ 250.00 per month minimum and I only bought flowers because small bottles of oil work but it costs a fortune!

You can see the prices as of February 24, 2021. I have chosen the most expensive and the cheapest from my two personal suppliers.

We agree that ” Shake ” is the same as when your dealer was selling you the bottom of the bag… 🤣

Planning for my 2021 medical garden!

February is when I think about what I’m going to grow in my garden this summer to help me with the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

I have my medical license to grow at home and would love to have a bit of everything. Something that helps the pain, helps sleep, helps relax, etc.

I will find someone to talk about it.

We know that we will still be at home this summer as well to make it fun.

I will be creating a seeds swap section and I will personally bring in people who want to swap. No money, just people who want to trade because it’s fun.

Often we will order and there is a minimum for shipping. So swapping would be an option to have different varieties!

Because yes, it’s fun to grow that!

I know that some people smile when they read me but it’s because we ended up loving this plant and we think of the help that we can extract from it. 💚 If I can smile it’s a little thanks to that too.

Obviously I am looking for strains that can help me and that are available. I also have in mind the terpenes which are, in my opinion, the best thing to help and orientate yourself.

Also I want feminized ones because autoflowering is not easy when you are going to grow it outside.

Here is a list of sites to shop for cannabis seeds.

XoticSeeds is the place I bought my mega giants Black Diamond seeds 2 years ago. I am expecting delivery of my order this week! 6 different kinds !! I’ll keep you informed 💚

Crop King Seeds  is a place that I bought, I liked it. Fast delivery with a beautiful presentation kit with explanations.

Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds:   I am tempted with this place this year.  I will check how long for the shipping.

True North

True North is another interesting place.


Seedbank it is a place that some recommend, personally I have not tried it.

Seedsman I just found this one and it is really interesting, the search is quick and clear. You can choose by illness, to find your way, it’s  useful! But it is in Spain… The paiement is complicated…

Alchimia it is a place that was recomended but i find that it is more like a broker finding you some links.

Get a medical prescription of cannabis

Obtaining a medical prescription for cannabis is not always easy. We have to find a doctor … I read the last report from the Collège des médecins du Québec. It seems that it opens slowly not quickly …

I search the clinics to be able to help you make a choice that is right for you.

Ontarian clinics that offer services to all Canadians

Apollo Cannabis Clinics

Lyte Clinic


Nature Medic

More to come I will focus on canada but also look for other countries where medical cannabis is legal.