Cannabis & co…

Cannabis has been legal in Canada since October 2018. If you have a prescription, like me, you have different options: vaping, oil and other ways to take it.

There are all kinds of people who smoke pot for different reasons. I want to try to demystify and especially help those who would like to help their own health. It’s not because you use pot that you necessarily trip over Bob Marley …

Infos & recipes (lol) coming !

Medical prescription

How to get it ?

Canadian's rules

What are the laws ?

Indica & Sativa

What is it ? What does it do ?
don't tax medicine

Don't tax medicine

Unlike all drugs in Canada, medical cannabis is taxed ... Write a letter to your local MP, provincial MPP/MLA, and members of the House Standing Committee on Finance, urging them to remove taxes on medical cannabis.

Food & diet

In this section I present you different ways to feed us. I am not vegan, paleo or other. I find that entering a cult is the last thing to do when you want to eat …

I found a way to eat to help my body. I will put informations on my diet but also others, so you could find different options that can help you according to your needs.

I will also add what foods can help us. With recipe ideas! This section will be in constant motion!

Because YES eating well is possible!

Diet What do we choose?


Miam... recipes !

What do we eat ?

Find recipes for younger and older according to the diets ...​