Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)

Prolifération bactérienne intestinale SIBO

I started the Wahls Protocol in July 2017 and from August 2018 my belly decided to rebel …

I ate broccoli and my belly grew as if I was 6-7 months pregnant !!!! Not to mention the really terrible bellyaches … I admit that I was a little discouraged … I had already seen the progress that feeding was doing on my body and I did not want to lose them …

You can have a list of the symptoms associated here.

But what to do? I found a naturopath who told me about the SIBO test. I knew I had this condition … So I paid $ 280 CAN and got my results a few weeks later. By the way this test is not covered by private insurances in QuĂ©bec province…

The naturopath offered me a program that did not fit my budget … More than $ 8000 … I understand the principle of this clinic that does not want patients to stop because of lack of budget. I decided since my diagnosis that stress is no longer my friend. $ 500 / month was beyond my budget, so I went looking for another naturopath …

I will add other topics that I will find or submited to you! Taking control of your health is crucial in my opinion.

I will put you a list of naturopaths who help for this condition. And I’ll let you know how it works!

Our health

Santé Health

I decided to have a health section after seeing an article in the Journal de Montreal about a gentleman who has an intestinal bacterial overgrowth better known with its acronym SIBO.

Personally I am in this situation. I passed my test in November 2018. The time to find a naturopath and budget. I am in mid-July 2019 and I begin treatment with a wonderful naturopath recommended! It should take 3 months to fix my problem!

I’ll keep you informed ! 

After all, our gut is our second brain, we have to deal with it! I will put health information and different options with real info!

I am not a doctor, the information in this section and on the site in general are general information. You must refer to a health professional.

Intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)

I started the Wahls Protocol in July 2017 and from August 2018 my belly decided to rebel …

Cannabis laws in Canada

Lois Canadienne voyages

Cannabis is now legal in Canada. Whether it is recreational or medical, we must comply with the laws of Canada or of another country.

The easiest thing to understand is that if you cross the border of the country you are not legal to bring in or out. So if you travel between Canadian provinces you are ok. Of course you must still have a maximum of 30 grams. Age can also be different from one province to another.

For more information visit the Canadian Government website here …

Can cannabis be used in Parks Canada sites?

Provincial, territorial and municipal cannabis laws apply to national parks, historic sites and marine conservation areas, and Rouge National Urban Park. Parks Canada locations and some municipalities may have additional regulations and restrictions.


In Parks Canada campgrounds, the consumption of non-medical cannabis is limited to the campsite occupied by a visitor.

Consumption is not permitted in common areas of campgrounds (such as playgrounds, kitchens, washrooms, trails or roads).

Finally on your land is the safest place.

Information on the Parks Canada site

Parcs canada

I have seen cannabis recalls over the last year. Here are the rules of the government.

Compliance and Enforcement Quarterly Report – Summary of Inspection Data – Medical Cannabis Access Regulations

News section and reminders coming…

Go-To Cashew cheese recipe (Recette de fromage de noix de cajou)

Lorsque j’ai dĂ©cidĂ© de retirer les produits laitiers de mon alimentation je cherchais des options parce que j’adorais le fromage !

C’est en anglais. Vous pouvez avoir une version traduite par Google cliquez par ici.

Personnellement je dois faire attention pour ne pas trop manger de cajou mais c’est tellement bon !

Recipes to taste

When I changed my diet I admit that in the first few months I ate a lot of salads! It was summer so when autumn came with the cold I had to find recipes to warm me up …

You will find in this section recipes that I have not tried all but with the time and your comments we will have a nice list!

The Best Bet Diet

Ms Hope Best Bet diet
Matt Embry had a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 1995. His father Dr. Ashton Embry devised a diet to counter the symptoms of MS. He started the diet and 18 months later the symptoms disappeared. You can have more information about this diet on the website. He also made a movie: Living Proof that I watched on Prime Video (Amazon), I also know that it can be downloaded on other platforms. Comment below if you follow this diet! Get Amazon Prime : Good Shipping and Videos !

Get the recipe book for free as PDF or in print, for free too. We can send a donation to help them continue their wonderful work.

Best Bet Diet

Ms Hope Best Bet diet

Matt Embry a été diagnostiqué en 1995 avec la Sclérose en Plaques.  Son père Dr. Ashton Embry a élaboré une diète pour contrecarrer les symptômes de la SP.  Il a démarré la diète et 18 mois plus tard les symptômes disparaissaient.

Vous pouvez avoir plusieurs informations sur cette diète sur le site  Il a Ă©galement fait un film : Living Proof que j’ai visionnĂ© sur Prime Video (Amazon), je sais Ă©galement qu’on peut le tĂ©lĂ©charger sur d’autres plateformes.


Inscrivez-vous à Prime pour une livraison rapide et des vidéos !


Obtenez le livre de recette gratuitement par PDF ou l’obtenir en papier, gratuitement aussi.  On peut envoyer un don pour les aider Ă  continuer leur magnifique travail.

Cannabis & co…

Cannabis has been legal in Canada since October 2018. If you have a prescription, like me, you have different options: vaping, oil and other ways to take it.

There are all kinds of people who smoke pot for different reasons. I want to try to demystify and especially help those who would like to help their own health. It’s not because you use pot that you necessarily trip over Bob Marley …

Infos & recipes (lol) coming !

Medical prescription

How to get it ?

Canadian's rules

What are the laws ?

Indica & Sativa

What is it ? What does it do ?
don't tax medicine

Don't tax medicine

Unlike all drugs in Canada, medical cannabis is taxed ... Write a letter to your local MP, provincial MPP/MLA, and members of the House Standing Committee on Finance, urging them to remove taxes on medical cannabis.