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    Essentrics Studio Humanix

    I heard about this studio because it’s a friend found on Facebook who is the owner. We worked together as lifeguards and swimming instructors I tried a few sessions and liked it. It’s on my list to try more seriously! What does essentrics provide? At the level of the body: Refine the waist Creates toned, long and thin arms Refines thighs and quads Flat and firm stomach Improve posture Firms the glutes and all the muscles in your body In terms of health and performance…

  • The MS Gym
    Exercises & well being

    The MS Gym

    I discovered their Facebook group in the summer of 2017 and it was a big help. I have had neck pain since I was 19 … I swam a lot and the doctors, over 6, told me that when I will be old I would be in pain… And surprise! The problem was solved in 1 month! I still had a pain in my neck with stress and since that time when I feel it coming back, I do the exercises for a few days…

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    Applications for relaxation & meditation

    Insight Timer pour iOS or Android This is the application I use for 2 years and I love it. Free with $2.99/month option for offline mode. Multilingual. Headspace pour iOS or Android Popular application.  Free download with 12,99$/month or 12,99$/month ou 94,99$/year. 399,99$/subscription for life. . Calm pour iOS ou Android Another popular app.  Free download 12,99$/month ou 59,99$/year.  299,99$ for a lifetime subscription.

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    Relaxation & meditation

    For a long time I looked at the different images and messages on the social networks of people who were doing meditation and I did not see the usefulness I was “ok” … But for two years my vision of life has changed so much! So I started meditation and relaxation … Yoga is coming … My toolbox to help my health and that of my loved ones is growing day by day! Applications for relaxation & meditation Different applications to help us…