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    Hand sanitizer recipe

    Since the beginning of the pandemic we wash our hands. I am happy when I go to the IGA and that these are sinks with soap. But when you enter other stores some disinfectants are intense! When I went to the organic store in my city Biotope Aliments SantĂ© the cleaner surprised me! It smelled good and didn’t burn my hands! So I asked the boss but they are so busy that it was the nice naturopath Madeleine Lamarre who gave me the recipe so…

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    My health toolbox

    When I had the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis I freaked! I lost control and if you know me, I am a bit of control freak … It took me a few days to cry and panic but I knew what I was fighting for, that was a benefit. I could put words on the evils! I began to search the net to find out first what it was and then to see the options available to me to counter the damages … So I started…

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    Relaxation & meditation

    For a long time I looked at the different images and messages on the social networks of people who were doing meditation and I did not see the usefulness I was “ok” … But for two years my vision of life has changed so much! So I started meditation and relaxation … Yoga is coming … My toolbox to help my health and that of my loved ones is growing day by day! Applications for relaxation & meditation Different applications to help us…

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    Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) symptoms

    What are the symptoms to watch for? Obviously each person is different and has reactions that can be different too. Here is a list that will help you know if you should do anything and see a naturopath. Constipation Diarrhea Food allergies Bloating Nutritional deficiencies Abdominal pain Belching (stomach gas) Gaz Nausea Weakness and fatigue Unsolicited weight loss Feeling of being swollen Involuntary weight loss

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    Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)

    I started the Wahls Protocol in July 2017 and from August 2018 my belly decided to rebel … I ate broccoli and my belly grew as if I was 6-7 months pregnant !!!! Not to mention the really terrible bellyaches … I admit that I was a little discouraged … I had already seen the progress that feeding was doing on my body and I did not want to lose them … You can have a list of the symptoms associated here. But what to…

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    Our health

    I decided to have a health section after seeing an article in the Journal de Montreal about a gentleman who has an intestinal bacterial overgrowth better known with its acronym SIBO. Personally I am in this situation. I passed my test in November 2018. The time to find a naturopath and budget. I am in mid-July 2019 and I begin treatment with a wonderful naturopath recommended! It should take 3 months to fix my problem! I’ll keep you informed !  After all, our gut is…