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The present “Terms and Conditions of Use” (hereinafter “the Terms”) constitutes an agreement applicable to the use of the site located at the URL address onmagasineextra.ca or to any other address that may be added or substituted (hereinafter: the “Site”).

More specifically, these Terms and Conditions apply to the relationship between the owner and operator of the Site, Liette Marchand, doing business under the name “onmagasineextra.ca” (hereinafter, “ONMAGASINEEXTRA” or “we”) and you, as a visitor or as a Registered User on the Site, as the case may be (the “User (s)” or “you”), in respect of your use of the Site and the various information and functionalities made available to you on the Site, including the possibility of opening a user account to create your profile including, in particular, a personal page to view, view and share information , tools to manage your communications, access to a gallery of photos and exchanges, etc. (hereinafter: the “Service”).

Please note that the information provided on OnMagasineExtra is for informational purposes only. The owner of OnMagazineExtra is not a professional tax or financial advisor. So nothing on this site or the videos can be taken as investment or financial advice and it is for educational and informational purposes only.

Owner / Brand OnMagasineExtra is not responsible for the accuracy of the information, links and availability of these. The owner of OnMagasineExtra will not be responsible for errors in omissions or availability of information. The information is based on the personal research and personal experiences of the members of the community. OnMagasineExtra does not give medical advice. Please work with your health care team. OnMagasineExtra and its owner will not be responsible for any loss, injury or damage resulting from the display or use of this information. 

 ILLEGAL, PROHIBITED OR PROHIBITED GAMES ON THE SITE1. Illegal, prohibited or prohibited gestures; 

By using this Site or the Service offered on the Site, you agree not to perform or to authorize the following actions:1.1 Disguise the origin of any information transmitted;1.2 Impersonate another individual or entity or misrepresent any affiliation with any individual or entity;1.3 Acting in a rude or disrespectful manner of the rules of courtesy and propriety;1.4 To make vulgar, offensive, racist or merely harmful statements;1.5 Display, link or otherwise disseminate or transmit any false or misleading, illegal, threatening, abusive, harmful information, any defamatory, pornographic or indecent content or content or any information that violates the rights of third parties or that conveys any other form illegal content;1.6 Use the Service in a manner that is likely to harm other Users and / or the legitimate business interests of 

ONMAGASINEEXTRA;1.7 View or transmit any information that contains computer viruses, files or codes designed to interrupt, destroy, corrupt or reduce the functionality of this Site or any site, computer or computer equipment directly or indirectly connected to it.2. DISPLAYED CONTENT AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY2.1 Intellectual Property of ONMAGASINEEXTRA; This Site, including text, photographs, video files or any other type of content created and / or posted online by or on behalf of ONMAGASINEEXTRA (hereinafter referred to as “ONMAGASINEEXTRA Content”), as well as trademarks thereof, are protected by copyright, trade-mark, unfair competition and other applicable law, as the case may be, and may not be copied or retransmitted, in whole or in part. without the express permission of ONMAGASINEEXTRA or the owner of the rights, as the case may be.2.2 Limited use license of the Site; You are authorized to use the Site and Contents of ONMAGASINEEXTRA within the limits expressly provided for in these Terms. You may not use this Site, including ONMAGASINE Content, for any other purpose without the express written consent of ONMAGASINEEXTRA. Without limitation, without this written consent, you may not modify, reproduce, distribute, retransmit, display, publish, license, assign or sell the content, information, software, products or services obtained on this Site, or create works derived from them.

3. COMMITMENTS OFFERED AND LIMITATIONS OF WARRANTY3.1 Commitments of ONMAGASINEEXTRA with respect to the Site and the quality of the Service; ONMAGASINEEXTRA is committed to acting to the best of his ability to ensure the proper functioning of the Site and the continued accessibility to its Service. ONMAGASINEEXTRA is committed to acting to the best of its abilities and deploying its best efforts to offer its customers a high-end service that meets its needs.3.2 Warranty Limitations on the Service’s Performance; Under no circumstances does ONMAGASINEEXTRA guarantee that the Site and / or the Service will fully meet the expectations of users of the Service, and more specifically, that you will find all the information or products and / or services you are looking for. Under no circumstances can ONMAGASINEEXTRA be held liable for the results obtained by Users as a result of using the Service.3.3 Limitation regarding the operation of the Site; Given the potential for instability of the Internet and to the extent permitted by law and any applicable law, ONMAGASINEEXTRA makes no warranties of any kind with respect to the technical and / or technical performance of the Site. commercial. ONMAGASINEEXTRA offers no guarantee that the features and services offered on the Site will be uninterrupted, secure or free from any error and that any defect identified in the features offered or in the software used, if any, may be corrected. You will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer or any loss of data as a result of downloading any material through the Site.3.4 Limitation of Liability for Damage; To the extent permitted by law and any applicable regulation, ONMAGASINEEXTRA will in no way be held liable for any damages, direct or indirect, that may result from the use or inability to use the Site and / or the Service. , including any damage associated with loss of profits, loss of opportunity, service interruption or loss of data, whether or not ONMAGASINEEXTRA has been advised of the likelihood of such damages.3.5 Warranty Limitations with respect to Third Party Content and Contests; Under no circumstances will ONMAGASINEEXTRA be held responsible, in any way whatsoever, for any content posted, transmitted or otherwise communicated on the Site or through the Site, including Your Content, those of the collaborators, sponsors, advertisers or any third party. Since the competitions are governed by additional rules, participants are invited to consult the contest rules, if applicable.3.6 Limitation of Warranty for Products and / or Services of Manufacturers, Stores, Advertisers and Other Suppliers; ONMAGASINEEXTRA is not involved in any way and can not be held responsible for the choice, quality or any other aspect of the products and / or services that are offered, sold, supplied or delivered by any manufacturer, shop , advertiser or other provider to any User, and more generally, to any person, as a result of the use of the Service on the Site, and in particular with respect to transactions made using coupons or any discount , promotion or contest identified, displayed or advertised on the Site.Under no circumstances can ONMAGASINEEXTRA be held responsible for the exchanges and transactions or the consequences of such exchanges and transactions involving Users.4. SANCTIONS AND ALLOWANCES IN CASES OF CONTRAVENTION4.1 Sanctions in case of default; ONMAGASINEEXTRA reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend temporarily or permanently your access to the Site and / or the Service or to some of its functionalities, and to take any other measure deemed appropriate, depending on the circumstances, in the event that ONMAGASINEEXTRA has good reason to believe that you have failed in any of your obligations as provided herein. These measures may include, but are not limited to, the cancellation of your registration and user account and the transmission of any illegal content to the appropriate authorities. ONMAGASINEEXTRA, without being obliged to do so, reserves the right to notify you, by e-mail or otherwise, of your breach, and to provide you with the opportunity to remedy the breach.4.2 Compensation; You agree to hold ONMAGASINEEXTRA harmless and to take up the cause of it and, as the case may be, its employees, agents, assigns, representatives and / or business partners, for any damages, losses or expenses of any kind, (including the reasonable fees of their attorneys) that they may suffer as a result of your failure to perform your obligations hereunder in connection with any claim, legal action or claim involving ONMAGASINEEXTRA, regardless of they are, based on the violation of copyright, the application of any relevant laws or agreements or any infringement of the rights of third parties, including any pecuniary or other damage resulting from the performance of an illegal act, prohibited or prohibited under these Terms. 9. APPLICABLE LAWS AND JURISDICTIONThese Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the Province of Quebec which determine their execution and interpretation. The parties agree that the courts of Quebec, Canada, District of Montreal, shall have jurisdiction for the hearing of any dispute, claim or legal proceeding relating to the present.10. INFORMATION ABOUT COMPLAINTS OR ABUSEAny complaints or abuses noticed on the Site or ONMAGASINEEXTRA’s servers must be sent by email to contact@onmagasine.com.