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We shop there 💜

Eating healthy food is, in my opinion, the base for better health, and therefore for a better life. We try to save money but especially choose what to buy without having to put the groceries on a credit card …

So here is a map to help us save and stay healthy! My site is still young, I can assure you that this map will still grow and will have different search options in our region or online according to our choices.

Lili’s Friends section is the section I add from people I know. And yes I have a bias for the businesses of my girlfriends wherever in the world. 🌎

And I want products that are interesting and have prices that everyone wins: the customer, the store, the designer / manufacturer, the creator. So we’ll use the community to find!

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I don’t want this card to become a local dining style statement.

We all know that eating local is interesting, I live near the Ontario border and I’m going to look there too for different options.

Add your places! Come back often, the menu is constantly being created! And is global!🌎

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